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HR Dev Fest

We have partnered with 757ColorCoded (https://www.757colorcoded.org) and we will be offering scholarships to the next Hampton Roads DevFest, which will be held on November 16, 2018 at the Slover Library in Norfolk: http://hrdevfest.org/. The scholarship covers the ticket price for the conference. The application process is open to anyone who would not normally attend, though …

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WEBDMG and 21five Creative partner for Mobile Apps

Hampton Roads, Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina — Mobile Apps — WEBDMG LLC and 21five Creative announced a partnership to deliver powerful Gathr mobile apps.

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WEBDMG and The Rebel Society partner to bring Gathr apps to iPhone.

Hampton Roads, Virginia— Gathr Apps — WEBDMG LLC and The Rebel Society LLC announced a partnership to deliver powerful Gathr apps, providing entrepreneurs a new

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